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Cremation Services


Our on-site crematorium, Music City Crematory Service, was opened in 2005 and is fully licensed by the State of Tennessee, as a full service cremation facility.

Music City Mortuary provides every aspect of direct cremation, from the transfer of your loved one from the place of death, to returning the cremated remains to the family. Our complete service includes the transfer, holding the decedent in our secure, climate controlled facility, preparing, filing, and obtaining the necessary documents required for cremation, including the
death certificate and cremation permit. Each cremation is performed by Licensed Funeral Directors, that are also certified as a crematory operators.

Funeral Directors and Families can be assured of the following:

Music City Crematory Service will be Operated under the Highest Standards of Care.
• We will maintain our facilities in a clean and orderly manner.
• Our cremation equipment is serviced on a regular basis by the manufacturer.
• Privacy and Security are of Paramount Importance.
• We operate our facility to meet or exceed all established Environmental Guidelines
• Our personnel will maintain proper certifications and on-going training.

Every loved one that is brought into our care will be treated with Dignity and Respect.

As part of our Identifications and Tracking System, an identification bracelet is placed on every person upon their arrival. An embossed stainless steel identification disc, with a unique number is assigned, that accompanies the decedent through our process.

We have established a system of Checks and Balances. One of our Licensed Funeral Directors, reviews the required documents prior to the cremation, to ensure that the process is being performed in accordance with state regulations, and the family’s wishes. Once verified, The Crematory Operator, along with a second member of our staff, review the cremation documents, confirm the identity of the loved one, and then the process is started.

During the Cremation process, the identification disc is placed in the chamber with the loved one. The cremation permit, checklist, and related documents are kept on the outside of the cremation unit. The Crematory Operator continually monitors the process on-site.

After the Cremation is complete, the loved one’s information and details about the cremation, including the tracking number, dates and times, and the person(s) who performed the cremation are recorded in our permanent log book. We also maintain an individual file, that contains copies of all of the cremation documents.

We will notify the funeral home or next of kin to schedule a time when the cremated remains may be returned to the family. If arrangements have been made for returning the cremated remains by way of the U.S. Postal Service we will provide those details and tracking information.


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