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Funeral Home Support

ANC 5 May 2009

In addition to providing embalming, cremation and transportation services to funeral directors, Music City Mortuary also offers funeral coach and driver service,  as well as  flower van and driver services. Our modern vehicles are clean and well maintained. In addition, we can provide both licensed or unlicensed staff for help on funeral services.

We also offer assistance with filing death certificates and permits.  We offer this service to prepare the death certificate, track down the physician who will sign it, obtain the signature, and file the original with the local registrar in the county health department where the death occurs. Our staff hand delivers the certificates directly to the doctors office in almost all of the cases we handle. In Tennessee, certified copies are $15 each. A veteran is provided 3 copies at no charge.  A Burial/Transit Permit is required for a deceased who is being transported out of state. When cremation is to be the final disposition, and the death has occurred in Tennessee, a Cremation Permit must be obtained from the health department in the county in which the death occurs. Cremation Permits are $25.00. In most cases, a signed copy of the Death Certificate must be reviewed by the County Medical Examiner, and then the Local Registrar in the County where the death occurred will issue the Permit.

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